About SurePulse

SurePulse is a medical devices company committed to advancing newborn care.

SurePulse was born out of a collaboration between the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Department of Academic Child Health at the University of Nottingham, after researchers realised that vital sign technology being developed within the University could be applied to monitor newborn babies who need help at birth.

Vital sign accuracy is, of course, imperative for medical devices. However, many existing vital sign techniques and technologies are not suitable for newborn babies due to ergonomic and physiological factors and this can sometimes mean clinicians do not have the information they need to manage the baby’s care optimally.

Our aim is to provide clinical staff the right information at the right time and give every baby the best start to life.

SurePulse is a joint venture between the University of Nottingham and Simpatica Group Ltd. This collaboration combines the academic strength of the University with the commercial and manufacturing capabilities of one of the UK’s premier contract manufacturers.