SurePulse exciting collaboration between academia and industry

SurePulse exciting collaboration between academia and industry

The guide incorporates an in-depth view of the UK’s MedTech ecosystem and provides a practical, comprehensive guide for innovators attempting to navigate the MedTech innovation Pathway. It signposts some key organisations who can support innovators in their endeavours. It also sets out some case studies, which bring to life how MedTech innovations are being harnessed and implemented within the UK healthcare system to bring about patient benefits and health outcomes.

SurePulse Medical Ltd is committed to developing innovative and user-centric solutions to unmet clinical needs, which will ensure that newborn babies get the best care possible. 10% of newborn babies need resuscitation at delivery – they are born not breathing and need support transitioning from the womb to the outside world. In these critical first few minutes accurate heart rate assessment is essential in guiding optimal care. Current heart rate monitoring approaches are insufficiently quick, reliable or accurate leading to uncertainty in how to optimise care and regularly leading to the undertreatment or overtreatment of newborn babies.

SurePulse VS is a wireless heart rate monitor which provides early, accurate and continuous information to guide the stabilization process, enabling confident decision making. The device is the only heart rate monitor designed specifically for newborn babies. The SurePulse VS technology was developed at the University of Nottingham (UoN) who have an impressive track record in technology transfer, in collaboration with the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. SurePulse Medical Ltd was established in 2014 as a joint venture between the UoN and Tioga Ltd, thereby combining the academic strength of the University with the expertise of one of the UK’s premier contract manufacturers.

SurePulse VS received CE approval in 2019 and has been launched into the UK and European Neonatology markets. Further research into additional applications for the technology are under way with an exciting clinical trials programme that should expand the opportunities to support optimal care for newborn babies.

Other partners have been hugely important through the development and commercialisation phases including the East Midlands AHSN, CHEATA (The Centre for Healthcare Equipment & Technology Adoption), Innovate UK, Medilink East Midlands, and the Department for International Trade.

SurePulse Medical Ltd is one of a growing number of companies linking academia with industry, benefiting from the complementary expertise of both, in parallel with the all-important investors – to date they have raised over £3 million in research and development funding. SurePulse Medical Ltd is well prepared to scale-up for volume sales with excellent UK suppliers and looks forward to a bright future both commercially and, critically, clinically, in improving the care of hundreds of thousands of newborn babies around the world.

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