Every second counts

Around 400,000 babies born in Europe every year are in need of some form of resuscitation. The heart rate of the baby is critical for guiding the resuscitation process; however the stethoscope remains the current standard of care, and it’s use can be subject to errors.
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What we do

Accurate, rapid measurements benefit clinical staff by enabling them to make confident decisions more quickly and to focus on performing procedures in time critical situations.

SurePulse may help reduce the time patients spend in neonatal intensive care and reduce costs for healthcare organisations.

Babies born in Europe every year need some form of resuscitation

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What this means

About one in ten babies need some form of help in the first few minutes after birth to stimulate breathing and to ensure the heart is beating properly. That adds up to a staggering 80,000 babies in the UK, more than 200 each day, and 14 million worldwide each year.

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We are delighted to announce that the SurePulse VS has received CE certification. Click for more information and to get in contact.

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